Stone Gravel & Chippings

Stone Gravel & Chippings

Gravel & Chippings

For Driveways and Footpaths

Angular gravel typically 14 or 20mm in size tends to be the most suitable for driveways, this is because the pieces lock together when driven on and so are less likely to rut. To avoid eventual crushing under the weight of vehicles, try to choose a product consisting of a harder wearing granite, basalt or flint.

For footpaths, angular products are better as the pieces lock together when walked on. We find that 10mm gravels or larger are the most popular as these don't get stuck in shoe treds or wash away as easily in heavy rain.

Decorative around the Garden

Gravel can also spruce up borders and flower beds around the garden or be used as an alternative to grass or paving outdoors. Laying your chosen material on top of a membrane can prevent weed growth whilst still allowing rain water to drain away.

Gravel & Chippings available in varied colors, sizes , shapes and stones to suit the specific requirements of the clients. In addition, we offer Walling stone at affordable prices to the clients.

Quantity Calculation

Area 10.8 ft2
Vol 1.4 ft3
Weight 0.071 ton
Bags 4

Area 1.0 m2
Vol 0.0 m3
Weight 72 kg
Bags 4 

Available Stone


Available Colors

White, Black, Grey, Brown, Green, Yellow, Off-White, Ivory, Pinkish Brown, Potato Skin Brown, Beige, Red and all mixed colors etc.

Available Size

2-6mm, 3-8mm, 4-10mm, 8-11mm, 8-20mm,10-20mm, 

We supply as per your requirements for Indian Sandstone, Granite, Marble, Slates according to your Sizes, Specifications & Thickness and we shall will provide you our best prices for the same