Kandla Grey Sandstone

Kandla Grey Sandstone

Kandla Grey Sandstone Slabs
Kandla Grey Sandstone Slabs are produced by slicing blocks by Gangsaw machines & Diamond cutter .

It is hard, strong and durable dimensional natural stone which makes it lasting building material for construction. It is used in all kind of applications like Internal & external flooring, paving, cladding, skirting, tables tops, counter tops, kitchen tops, window sills, tombstones etc.

We produce Kandla Grey Sandstone Slabs in two variations.
1. Kandla Grey Plain Sandstone Slabs:

It is a plain Grey colored stone free from any kind of veins & movement in stone. It is also known as Silver Grey & Buff Grey Quartzite.
It is widely used for Counter tops, Flooring & Dry wall cladding applications.

2. Kandla Grey Movement Slabs:
This variation is having light grey to dark Grey shades along with veins inherent in slabs. It is also known as Grey Movement Quartzite.

With multiple surface treatment, Grey Quartzite is popular for interior flooring, Counter tops, wall cladding, stairs and many more interior & exterior applications.
Kandla Grey Sandstone Blocks
Kandla Grey Sandstone Blocks:
Kandla Grey Sandstone is extracted in form of small & big size blocks from the quarries.
Generally blocks are left in open place for 2 - 3 months to dry so that they can be split easily in form of slabs in desired thickness.

But sometimes at the quarries, some area of sandstone is much compressed than sandstone & it can't be split easily.

These areas are processed using a combination of diamond wire cables & drills so that large size dimensional blocks can be obtained for further processing.

It is also known as Quartzite Blocks, Silver Grey Quartzite Blocks, Indian Grey Quartzite Blocks etc.

Sizes available:
270-340 cm Length x 160-195 cm width x 50 - 150 cm Height
Kandla Grey Sandstone Steps
Kandla Grey Sandstone Steps:
Natural stone is the most durable and hard material to be used as steps. It is more commonly used on slopes having thin soil, which easily get eroded and these block steps prevents soil erosion. It provides a feel of calm and stability to any landscape design. They are frost resistant and non-slippery.
We supply Kandla Grey Sandstone Steps in following specifications:

All edges to be hand dressed (Rock Face)

Length: 100, 120, 150, 180 cm (tolerance of ± 5 cm),
Width: 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 cm (tolerance of ±1 cm)

12, 15, 18 cm,
Kandla Grey Sandstone Paving Slabs
Kandla Grey Sandstone Paving Slabs:
Kandla Grey Sandstone is very popular stone in form of paving slabs for the decoration of Garden area, Pathways, Driveways etc.

Mainly available in Natural split riven surface, it can be prepared in various sizes:
200x200 mm, 300x300 mm, 300x600 mm, 400x600 mm, 400x400 mm, 400x800 mm, 600x600 mm, 600x900 mm & many more.

It is also popular in Random size flagstone Patio Packs in which 3 - 5 sizes are laid in a set pattern.

Patio packs are categorized in 2 kind of sizes as:
Over Size : 300x300, 300x600, 600x600, 600x900, 600x1200 mm
Under Size : 280x280, 280x560, 560x560, 560x840 mm
For Both side riven surface, Kandla Grey Sandstone is available in following thickness:
15 - 25 mm, 20 - 30 mm, 25 - 35 mm, 30 - 40 mm, 30 - 50 mm

It is also available with minimum thickness variation of + / - 2 mm by chiseling its bottom by calibration machines.

The thickness available with back side calibration process is :
20 mm, 22 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm

Kandla Grey Sandstone is available in various finishes like:
Natural Split Riven Surface
Natural + Brushed Finish
Natural + Shotblasted Finish
Sawn + Shotblasted finish
Sawn + Flamed Finish
Sawn + Flamed + Brushed Finish
Honed Finish
Polished Finish
Kandla Grey Sandstone Cobbles & Pavers
Kandla Grey Sandstone is available in various formats of paving stones & cobbles.
Cobbles / Setts of this Grey sandstone are very popular for Road, pathways & Garden paving.
Sandstone Cobbles are processed from small pieces of waste sandstone blocks which are largely available at quarry area.

Due to hand process involved in making of cobbles, natural split surface is most suitable finish for this product.

These cobbles are also available in tumbled finish which is not so popular but still many clients demands.

Edges of sandstone cobbles is always hand cut in tapered format.
Kandla Grey Sandstone Cobbles are available in standard size like 10x10, 14x10, 14x14, 14x20cm, etc.
We keep these sizes in stock regularly & can easily dispatch 12 - 15 containers per month.

Few other sizes 9x9 cm, 20x20 cm, 30x30 cm are also popular & any other sizes can be prepared on requirement.

Packing of Cobbles:
Kandla Grey Sandstone cobbles are packed in container with various methods.

Loose in container:
Sandstone cobbles are filled in container directly without any crate / bag packing.
This packing in mostly done in case of bulk quantity delivery directly at construction site which help us to save the cost of wooden crates etc.
Wooden Crate Packing:
Importers who keeps the stock & supply in retail / landscapers demands Cobbles in wooden crates packing so that it can be handled easily.

Mostly crates are available in following sizes:
Size 41x41x25 cm (inner size) : 20 Wooden crates in container,
Size 41x41x23 cm (inner size) : 24 Wooden crates in container,
Size 41x41x19 cm (inner size) : 27 Wooden crates in container,
Kandla Grey Sandstone
Kandla Grey Sandstone:
Kandla Grey sandstone is also known as Bhilwara GREY sandstone, Autumn Grey Sandstone, Bundi Grey Sandstone, Kota Grey Sandstone.

It is a hard sandstone due to presence of quartz grains cemented together by secondary silica calcite. This sandstone is available in three different shades of bluish gray, dark gray, and light gray representing the quarry areas where it is produced.

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