Edge Detail


Moon Exports Pvt. Ltd. well experienced in fabrication of exclusive granite & other natural stone edge profiles. You know…making a special granite edge profile is a labor intensive work which requires exactness and we have perfection in this demanding art. We are the bulk suppliers of marble countertops, granite countertops, limestone countertop and onyx countertops with the required stone edge profiles.

Edging and Profiles add a wonderful dimension to natural stone tops and amplifies their natural beauty although they incur some additional costs per running meter / per linear foot, depending upon which edge profile is selected. It is important to note that Standard (SQUARE /STRAIGHT/SHARP) edges are always included in our price estimates.

We suggest you to choose the right edge profile for your granite, slate stone, marble, sandstone, limestone and quartzite countertops, vanity tops because a proper edge profile adds beautiful impact to the natural stone slab's & tile's surface and helps integrate it into the overall design of your living room.

Here we are showing you some natural stone edge profiles which are being demanded by the overseas clients in general for kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, table tops, bar tops and other type of counters: